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Check Your Vehicle Photos Online Through ClearMechanic!

ClearMechanic is pleased to offer visual explanations in the South Coast Toyota service department. During your visit, the service center may post photos of your vehicle to this web site to explain its recommendations.

Vehicle photos are taken by certified technicians in real time. We also offer expert illustrations next to each photo to provide context on the vehicle part or system being shown.

Please click on your photo for additional information regarding your repair.

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RO #03264
CV Axles / Boots
RO #03233
RO #03222
Axle Seals
RO #03231
Oil Pan Gasket
RO #03205
Lower Control Arm
RO #03080
Cam tower
RO #03080
Front Shocks / Struts
RO #03166
Accessory Drive Belts
RO #03176
CV Axles / Boots
RO #02833
Oil leak
RO #03160
CV Axles / Boots
RO #03167
Timing Cover
RO #03098
Front Shocks / Struts
RO #03098
CV Axles / Boots
RO #02974
Air Bag